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  • Jazz Vocalist Genevieve Phillips
I sing with many notable local musicians. Often as a duet, trio, quartet, or a larger ensemble, on a mix of classic standards, jazzy pop, funk, blues and traditional folk. Perfect for dancers, diners and aficionados of good times.
If you want to 'jazz' up your event with some live music please send me a message via my contact page. 

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE!!  I am thrilled to be able to introduce myself and some of our favourite  live music venues in Calgary. What with our new 'state of the art' music centre, Arts Commons,  and many other venues around town, Calgary hosting the Juno's, and our JazzYYC society working hard to put this little town of ours on the international jazz music map, AND some of the best jazz radio any city could ask for, makes it a great place to be. Come and explore with us. .... " I'm like a kid in a musical candy store! "                                                                                                                              lots of love         -        Genevieve





Saturday October 19th

Cornerstone Music Cafe 

1 pm

14919 Deer Ridge Dr SE, T2J 7C4

(403) 278-3070

Friday October 25th

Gravity Espresso Cafe & Wine Bar 

7 pm

909 10 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S7

(403) 457-0697

Friday November 15th

Kavva Espresso Cafe 

8 pm

1333 8 St SW, Calgary,  T2R 1M6

(403) 452-5233

Friday November 22nd

Koi Cafe

7 pm

1011 1 St SW, Calgary, T2R 1J2

(403) 206-1564